Board of Governor's

Board of Governor's

Sl No. Representative Designation
01. Peddinti Buctchi Reddy Chairman and Trustee
02. Ravi Peddinti Reddy Trustee
03. Ragoor Sujatha Managing Trustee
04. Mr.B.K.Dash Director (Admin)/Prof.Electrical.
05. Ms.Prasana Pati Director(HR)
06. Dr.P.S.Mohanty Prof.Michigan State Univ. USA
07. Mr.B.N.Swain ED-NALCO-HRA
08. Prof,A.L.N.Reddy Prof. A & M University, Texas.
09. Mr.Sidharth Ray Microsoft Corp. Redmond, USA
10. Dr.D.P.S.Virk Trade-Capture Ltd.

Dr. Ravi P. Reddy, Director (Academic)

Dr. Ravi P. Reddy heads the academic team at the college. He has a B.Tech(Hons.) from the IIT, Kharagpur, and a Ph.D. from the University of Houston, Texas, USA. He has served as an Assistant Professor at the Univ. of Houston and has more than 15 years of teaching experience, including 11 years as the Deputy Director of the NIST, Berhampur. Dr. Reddy has written textbooks on 'C' programming and English Vocabulary. His literary interests can be seen on his personal website

Mr. B.K.Dash, Director (Administration)

Mr. Basanta Kumar Dash heads the admin team and helps the management of the academic program. He has an M.Tech from BE College, Howrah and over 10 years of teaching experience in Electrical Engineering with special focus on Control Systems.

Dr. Ragoor Sujatha, Director (Finance)

Dr. Ragoor Sujatha has an MBBS from Kurnool Medical College, AP and a EPBM Diploma from IIM, Kolkata, P.G.D.M. (XIMB,Bhubaneswar) , She handles the dual roles of Senior Medical Officer and Director of Finance. Her academic interests are spread over medicine and management.

Ms. Prasanna Pati, Director (HR)

Ms. Pati has a P.G. in Industrial Economics from the Utkal University, Odisha and MCA, M.Tech from the BPUT, PGDAIT(Siegen University,NRW,GERMANY),International Certifications in Oracle and Java Technology and has over 10 years experience in Training,Teaching and Management. She is the CEO of Vidyog Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

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