Our Logo

Our Logo

The Indus logo is inspired by the basic elements - earth, water, fire, space.

Earth :

The brown color of the text in the logo is inspired by the values of the earth (prithvi) - creativity, constant renewal, and dependability. It is also the color of Brihaspati (Jupiter) - the guru of the Gods.

Water :

The blue waves represent the values of water (jal) - progress, flow, and constant motion.

Fire :

The orange circle represents the values of fire (agni) - purity, intensity, and transformation. It also represents Surya - one of the most learned gods.

Space :

The white space represents the values of space (shunya) - tranquility, peace, and tolerance.

The logo reflects our belief that creating a strong focus on basic fundamentals is the most important task of an academic institution.

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