The Indus Way

The Indus Way

We recognize that to become a great educational organization, we must first become a great organization and to become a great organization, we take our inspiration from the great industries of the world. "The Indus Way" attempts to define the guiding principles of the organization. All our actions, policies and decisions must adhere to these guiding principles in spirit and letter.

Team Indus

When we talk about values, we are talking about the values to be cultivated in every team member of Team Indus – all the students, all our future alumni, and all the associates from the Directors to the person holding the lowest position in the organization. We also consider all the parents/guardians of our students to be associate team members of Team Indus.

The Common Values of "The Indus Way"

Uncompromising Integrity

  • We expect every member of Team Indus to adhere to the highest standards of educational ethics.
  • We expect every member of Team Indus to aspire to the highest standards of personal ethics.
  • We deliver what we promise to each other in Team Indus.

Passion for our People

  • We will measure our success by the success of every member of Team Indus.
  • Create an environment to help people grow and realize their loftiest dreams of personal greatness.
  • We will strive to bring out and nurture the leadership qualities in every person.
  • We respect and value the contributions of every member of Team Indus.

Belief in Teamwork

  • We believe that greatness can only be achieved by great teamwork.
  • Team Indus takes collective responsibility for everything that happens in Indus.
  • The team is more important than any of its member.
  • The organization is more important than any of its team.

Passion for Excellence

  • We will continuously benchmark our performance against the best in the world.
  • We will continuously evaluate our quality performance using metrics.
  • We will strive for speed, excellence and transparency in everything we do.

Relentless Drive for Innovation and Change

  • We will strive for a process based organization but never forget our passion for change.
  • We recognize that every process can be eliminated, simplified, or improved in a continual fashion.
  • We accept and encourage informed risk taking in the interests of the innovation in process.

Our Inspiration

This document takes its inspiration from several sources:

  • "The HP Way" – taken from various Internet sources
  • "The GE Way" – taken from various Internet sources
  • Caterpillar’s Worldwide Code of Conduct – "OUR VALUES IN ACTION" from Internet sources
  • "5 Keys To Building a Great Company," from interview with Mr. Narayana Murthy, World Economic Forum, 2005
  • "Top 7 Principles For Transforming Your Business From Mediocre To Great- Essential Ingredients for Cultivating Greatness Within Your Own Business", by Denise Corcoran (from Internet)
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